Mellitus Health's Insulin Insights™ software makes precision insulin dosing recommendations in seconds, enabling clinicians to optimize insulin regimens—reducing blood glucose, complications, and healthcare costs

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Building on 50 years of work by former American Diabetes Association president Mayer B. Davidson, MD, Mellitus Health has automated Dr. Davidson’s highly effective, algorithm-based insulin dosing system. Now instead of using the system by hand, medical professionals can use Insulin Insights™ to generate precision dosing recommendations in seconds.

All types of insulin. All standard regimens. Virtually every dosing scenario.

Unique in the market, Mellitus Health’s software works with all eight standard regimens, all types of insulin and almost every dosing scenario. It is compatible with all major glucometer brands. Learn more about Insulin Insights™.

Mayer B. Davidson, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Mellitus Health

Mayer B. Davidson, MD
Chief Medical Officer

“Insulin Insights™ is the first decision-support software that can handle all accepted regimens for dosing, all insulins, and all of the different ways insulins are combined to yield best outcomes.”