Optimizing insulin dosing in primary care is a challenge

Effective insulin therapy requires expertise, accurate data analysis, and time to calculate the right dosage adjustment for the patient. Is it realistic to expect a clinician to optimize an insulin regimen in the short time allotted for most primary care appointments?

An FDA-cleared dosing system that works

Our FDA-cleared decision-support software, Insulin Insights, removes barriers to treatment with insulin by providing patient-specific dosage adjustments in a matter of seconds. Caregivers are finally empowered to quickly modify a patient’s insulin therapy to achieve the best possible outcomes. Insulin Insights is clinically proven to control HbA1c, which has a significant impact on patient morbidity, mortality and on healthcare costs.

4 steps to better glycemic control

Glucometer readings are
imported for analysis

The software works seamlessly with nearly all glucometers. Clinicians can review readings and exclude certain readings for analysis, based on their own judgement.

Patient-specific dosing
recommendation is returned
within seconds

One click, and the data is sent to our secure server. In seconds, the clinician sees a detailed, easy-to-read analysis of the data along with a precise recommendation on how to optimally adjust the patient’s insulin regimen.

Clinician optimizes
the patient's
dosing regimen

Clinician uses the report data, proprietary graphs, and dosing recommendations to help make better decisions about the patient’s regimen.

Even the hardest-to-treat
patient starts on the path to
glycemic control

Our software calculates insulin regimens based on algorithms that are clinically proven to lower HbA1c—even for patients who have a history of uncontrolled blood sugars.

Results validated in clinical studies

2.4% drop in HbA1c at 180 days—with patients averaging only 1.2 BGM readings per day—and 268 office visits avoided via remote monitoring

A nurse managed in-office patients and lowered HbA1c values from an average of 11% to 7.2% in just one year

Maintained a 7.7% average HbA1c, among the patients that are hardest to manage

Accurate and rational decision making with respect to insulin dosages has always been a challenge for many clinicians who do not have extensive training and experience with today’s increasingly complex insulin regimens. Dr. Davidson's algorithms greatly simplify and streamline decision making for all insulin-treated diabetic patients, and effectively improve glycemic control.

Stanley H. Hsia, MD FRCPC FACEAssociate Professor of Medicine Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism & Molecular MedicineCharles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science

It’s easy to use, and it saves me time. More importantly, I can see what the software recommends and that gives me the confidence to help make dosing adjustments. Intensification of therapy is intimidating but necessary and this tool helps me do it with precision with great results.

Ligaya Scarlett, MSN, FNP-CFamily Nurse Practitioner at UCLA Health

Insulin Insights™ is really easy to use, it saves time and has helped with my workflow. Patients are very happy with it because we can give them specific dosing adjustments with confidence and their blood sugars are much better. We can also monitor patients remotely and they like that they don't have to drive in for an appointment.

Jessica M. GoldbergDiabetes Care Facilitator at Venice Family Clinic